Is your Instagram feed filled with selfies, but you don’t have any photos with your friends? Are you running low on photo booth props? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that you can make your very own DIY photo booth at home! Check out this 10-step tutorial to learn how to make a homemade photo booth using everyday items like a cardboard box and a piece of white fabric.

Step 1. Gather your items

You’ll need a medium-sized cardboard box and a plain, white or striped piece of fabric for the backdrop so you can create various scenes. The fabric doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive, as long as you’re comfortable with it. Since you’ll be adding photos to the background, it’s important to make sure it’s thick enough to prevent ink from bleeding through. If you’re concerned about the cost, feel free to buy cheap fabric from your local fabric store, like this one from Goodwill. Note: If you plan on printing your own photos at home, make sure your photo quality is up to snuff before you go shopping. Depending on the quality of the photo printer, you may want to invest in a 4×6 or a 4×4 quality printer.

Step 2. Make the frame

Folding the box in half, place a piece of white fabric (cut in half to make the bottom and top) over the side you will be using for your backdrop. Mark the middle with a black pen to match the design of the box. Place your top piece of fabric over the top and bottom of the box. Use the chalkboard paint marker to draw the “frame” on the fabric. Step 3Paint your backdrop Now that your backdrop is done, take the chalkboard paint marker and paint a piece of white fabric. Use the black marker again to draw a “frame” around the chalkboard. Step 4Print your photos Turn on your photo printer and insert the cardboard and photo paper. Fill in the blanks with your photos! Your photo booth is officially done. Step 5Once printed, cut the photo paper into a grid with a ruler or glass etching glass.

Step 3. Cover the frame with fabric

Lay out your white fabric on a flat surface. Trace it on the cardboard and cut it out. Trace and cut out your cardboard photo booth frame. Step 4Glue on the clothes Pipe some clothespins on the fabric. Make sure the clothespins are in a place where they don’t get in the way. Step 5Put on the photos Put the clothespins in place and put the photos in the clothes. Sew them onto the clothes. Step 6Sew on the clothespin handles Stitch the photo booth clothespin handles on. Step 7Adjust the shutter Put a clothespin on the door of the photo booth. Put your phone inside the photo booth to make sure the shutter closes. Step 8Add a mirror Put your poster up to hold the mirror. Put a clothespin on the mirror to hold it in place.

Step 4. Decorate with photo booth props

1. Cut out photos 2. Attach stickers to the photos 3. Use white fabric to cover box Step 5Print and frame the photos Step 6The box will become the backdrop Step 7Create your DIY backdrop Step 8Add Instagram filters and/or backgrounds Step 9Add the #(blank) I did this at home photo hashtag This is a guest post by Danielle DiGiacomo from Egg Inspirations, a DIY site that helps families create fun things to make life a little easier! Have a DIY project to share?

Step 5. Hang the frame

If you don’t want to use the photo booth right away, you could always hang it in your house for fun. Here’s how: Pin a photo of your friends to a sheet of cardboard (so it can easily be removed later). Slather your white fabric with cheap, sticky tape. Start creating the backdrop. Draw a ring of balloons around the cardboard and tape it down. Place a paper plate with a printed picture of your friends on top of it. Measure out a circle that is big enough for your photo booth frame. Assemble the frame around the poster. Pin and screw the frame into place. Finish up by hanging it up! Step 6 Create the props So now that you’ve created your backdrop, it’s time to create some fun props for your photo booth!

Step 6. Hang a curtain

Step 7Use a floral, striped fabric Step 8Use a white fabric Step 9Glue a white balloon to the ground Step 10Attach a black sheet to the wall and tie the two ends together Step 11Fill the background with non-gender-specific props (such as balloons, teddy bears, etc.) and crop the picture to have your friends’ faces. Step 12Take photos! Step 13Send the pictures to everyone with a special address stamp! Easy enough, right? All of this took less than an hour to put together, and the result is a fun, unique photo booth for your next party! Photo booth props you can make at home You don’t need a fancy photo booth to have fun at parties.

Step 7. Put your phone in the box

Step 8Take a picture Step 9Save the photo booth image to your computer Step 10Save it to your phone Step 11Return to the car and enjoy your wild night out!

Step 8. Take photos

This next step is key: grab the entire group and take photos together! If you don’t know anyone, you can pose and take photos of strangers, but make sure to get other friends to join you. You can also use props, like plastic cups filled with lemonade, or take photos with a sheet mask painted on. Take at least one photo with each person in the group. Take at least one photo of each person without a specific person in the photo, with each person wearing a specific look, and so on. If you get creative with it, you could put your pictures on a wall like this one! Step 9Be festive Now comes the fun part. Use some colorful paper, string, and stickers to decorate your photo booth. Decorate the area where you will be taking your photos with pops of color, stars, flowers, and so on.

Step 9. Share your photo booth with the world

When you get your hands on all the materials, you can make a photo booth that’s as cute and professional as any professional booth. You can upload your photo booth to an online photo booth service or upload a photo you have already taken to one of them. Or, you can make your own photo booth and take it on a special adventure. In the words of Martha Stewart, DIYing a photo booth is the “Dare to Create” for everyone. We’re on a mission to encourage people to take a challenge and make it happen!


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